Painted Styrofoam Sculptures for Signs

You can create some awesome displays for your business using styrofoam. 3D signs, actual 3D enlarged food, or other product replicas engage customers.

People LOVE to look at this stuff. They’re intrigued by it.

The hot dog and ice cream cone were commissioned for a snack stand in an indoor baseball arena. The hot dog is 3 ft. long; the ice cream cone is 3 ft. tall.


Styrofoam popcorn and popcorn box stands 3 ft. high, also for the snack stand mentioned about. If you look carefully at the loose popcorn, you can see a tiny yellow spec – this is actual popcorn so you can see the size difference/proportion.


You can get 3-dimenionsional lettering using any font, or any logo, any color, any size.

3D signs styrofoam

This 9 foot foam pillar helped get attention at a trade show, plus it was lightweight for easy set-up. On the right, A custom 3-foot-high penguin for Cedar Rapid’s Piano Lounge and Penguin;s Comedy Club.


3D lettering trade show graphics

Tish&Kyle created two custom 3-foot golf balls which adorn the top of the entryway of a local Cedar Rapids, Iowa sports bar, Mulligan’s. Great for golf courses!

Cedar Rapids custom cabinets and foam sculptures